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Restaurants Bookkeeping Services

Let's be direct, you're on my website because you have a set of books that are inaccurate, don't like your current bookkeeper, opening another restaurant and can't handle the workload, and don't know any of your Food/Liquor/ Labor Cost(s).   If any or all of these concerns fit you, we are going to be a great fit for you!

Our Services

Our service is simple and exactly what you need:

  1. Sales Processing:  We log in to your POS system each week and create a daily journal Entry for all your sales.  We do not use import programs because they DO NOT WORK!
  2. Account Payable Processing:  We use “” and or “QuickBooks” to process all your accounts payable.  Your scan the invoices to us weekly, we will code them by their general ledger, load them for your review and you determine what bills you want to be paid and we send the check on your behalf.  Oh Yea, all images are available 24/7 for your review.  
  3. Bank Reconciliations: Throughout the week, we will reconcile all cash bank accounts and credit cards.  Then we give you a reconciled cash report weekly for your review.  
  4. Payroll Processing:  We are a full-service payroll company.  You can use our payroll service.  If you have done, we will simply record your payroll as it is processed.
  5. Weekly Ricnial reports:  Each week you will receive a financial report which gives the detailed reporting of services 1-4.  In addition, we also provide a weekly Flash.  This is what makes us the APEX of the industry!   
  6. Let us pay your monthly meal tax for you.
  7. We tie your books for your CPA to prepare your taxes at the end of the Year.